Ingredient Glossary - What do the Ingredient Names Mean?

The ingredients described on most beauty products are confusing. Its alright you are not alone!

Its not because companies want to try and trick you or anything, in most cases its because companies legally have to put the big fancy names instead of everyday language.

So in an effort to help clarify what is the ingredients in our products we have made this glossary.

Vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without harsh ingredients.

The eyelashes are mostly made up of a protein called keratin. This is...

What is Fibre Mascara?

What is Fibre Mascara?


Have you noticed how many men and children naturally possess the most beautiful fluffy pair of long dark lashes? It makes them look so darn adorable.

For the rest of us, there are mascaras. Lucky for us, mascaras have gone next level and the types of mascaras now really DO make a difference.

The ultimate is fiber mascara. As the name suggests, it uses dry fibers to build volume and length on your lashes.

Already the #1 selling Fibre Mascara on Amazon (US), the Simply Naked Beauty Mascara is fast becoming a cult favourite. This confidence in a bottle...




If you’re looking to create glamour, dramatic lashes will do most of the work for you.

Fiber Mascara or Eyelash Extensions can both achieve this easily by giving your lashes more length and volume.

So the questions is, which one?

Well, life is made of choices.

In truth, the 3D Fiber Mascara and Eyelash Extensions are both good options for looking like hotness. It just depends which is your cup of tea. 

Fiber Mascara vs Eyelash Extensions


Some people are unable to get eyelash extensions, some have allergies to lash glue while some...

Why do all the guys have longer lashes than me and what to do about it!

Why do all the guys have longer lashes than me and what to do about it!


Now why is it that men quite often have long, thick, luscious lashes?

After doing a little research, I came to understand this to be due to the body of a man having large amounts of testosterone. This greatly affects the amount of hair he has all over his body, including his eyelashes. It also affects the hair quality, including his eyelashes.

For us ladies, unless you also want to deepen your voice, grow a thick moustache and gain some chest hair, there is a better alternative to testosterone.

If it is thicker, longer lashes you want...

Best Mascara 2020? Renee gives her thoughts

Best Mascara 2020? Renee gives her thoughts


Having a set of blonde eyelashes on my left eye and a set of black lashes on the right means mascara is a must for me. I’ve tried a tonne of mascaras and then some. Most often, the expectations I have vs the experience with any new mascara falls short. Well….That all changed recently.

So like anyone who discovers something really good, I’ve got to talk about it. At length. Get your cuppa ready, we’re going to have a chat.

This is what I...