What is Fibre Mascara?

What is Fibre Mascara?


Have you noticed how many men and children naturally possess the most beautiful fluffy pair of long dark lashes? It makes them look so darn adorable.

For the rest of us, there are mascaras. Lucky for us, mascaras have gone next level and the types of mascaras now really DO make a difference.

The ultimate is fiber mascara. As the name suggests, it uses dry fibers to build volume and length on your lashes.

Already the #1 selling Fibre Mascara on Amazon (US), the Simply Naked Beauty Mascara is fast becoming a cult favourite. This confidence in a bottle will give you the same doe-eyed flutter that only lash extensions and falsies would normally get you.

The Simply Naked Beauty LASH SCIENCE GOLD Nourishing 3D Fiber Mascara takes this even further. It is a 3-step volumizing mascara that literally builds lash volume up to 300 times more than regular mascara. It uses a combination of a lash nourishing base, dry fibers to enhance length and volume and a high-tech wet gel that the fibers stick to.  

The LASH SCIENCE GOLD comes as an elegant black case containing 3 sleek tubes. One of them gold and the other 2 black.  

You simply follow these easy steps:

On make-up free skin, first apply the Nourishing Base Gel (the gold tube) to both eyes and let dry. The base contains organic castor oil, natural beeswax and collagen to nourish and support lash growth.

For the next 2 steps, you will need to have both tubes ready to use one after each other straight away. You work on one eye at a time with both tubes, then you move onto the other eye.

Step 2 is where you apply a thin coat of Lash Science Gel (black GEL tube). Apply from the middle to the tips of your lashes.

Immediately after this, while the gel is still wet do step 3 by applying the Lash Science Fibers (black FIBER tube) from the middle to the tips of your lashes. This is where the magic happens right before your eyes. Fibers literally attach to your lashes to thicken and lengthen them further.

Then you seal those fibers in with the Lash Science Gel again and it’s over to the other eye.

When both sides are dry you gently brush your lashes with the wand provided to separate the lashes.
Voila! You now have your glamour on!

This process can be repeated 2 to 3 more times for even more dramatic lashes.

It is incredibly gratifying to create your very own red carpet look so easily.

Best of all, it is not a huge investment. So, you can still buy that designer jacket, shoes or cabinet full of skincare AND have your long beautiful lashes.