What you can do to make your lash serum work even better!

What you can do to make your lash serum work even better!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in beauty. Whether it be as someone working in the beauty industry or as a DIY in front of the bathroom mirror.
So, what is it that we can do to achieve the desired outcome of gorgeous, long lashes?
We create it.
We create beauty. We create gorgeous. We create confidence. We create the magical illusion that it is effortless to look like a goddess, it does take a little work but that's all apart of the magic!

In the words of William Shakespeare
“Our bodies are our garden to which our wills are gardeners.”

So what Will means is that we create on our bodies.
Gorgeous lashes come with the goddess territory. A strong, healthy, natural lash is the best foundation - and we’ve got some tips to amp up your lash results.

A good lash serum which you can use on natural or lash extensions is a good place to start. For an amazing lash serum where you can say “Why yes, they are my lashes” then this one by Simply Naked Beauty will give you those fabulashes: get it HERE! Or if you are in the US, get it HERE!

Next up, lash care paired with lash serum will create a better result for your pretty lashes. “How we tend our garden” or what we put into, onto and do with our body makes a difference. It will affect how quickly a serum will take to work its magic, as well as how far the results can go.

Taking vitamins makes a big difference to our skin and lash health. Frankly, food isn’t the quality that it used to be, so vitamins really do help in getting the basics of what our bodies need. Brittle lashes can actually be a sign that your body is deficient in vitamins. The whole rainbow of vitamins are needed to prevent deficiencies and are essential for our overall health. Additionally, a good hair, skin and nails formula will also help you in your quest for fluttery long lashes!
Just to name a few:
Vitamin B promotes strong lash growth.
Vitamin H (also known as Biotin) is part of the B complex group and increases hair growth.
Vitamin C will help keep your lashes free from damage.
Vitamin E protects and nourishes the lashes, etc, etc, etc.
You get the idea, vitamins are essential for growth, development and good health.
The Silk Pillowcase for the best beauty sleep.
The benefits of a silk pillowcase have long been touted for the hair and skin.
What about your lashes?
Switching up your pillowcase for a silk one will have you sleeping like royalty whilst your lashes will experience less breakage and damage.
Lying on your face is another no-no if you can avoid it. Whether real or fake, lying on your lashes will cause them to fall out sooner than nature had planned. 
For lash health, change your mascara every 3 months. This prevents unwanted bacteria on your lashes and also avoids using a dried-out formula. Fresh mascara is much better for your lashes, especially one with ingredients like panthenol and beeswax! These will work to keep your natural lashes hydrated.
No picking!
Picking or pulling at your lashes ain’t good. If done repeatedly, it can actually stunt future growth of new lashes, and nobody wants that...
Condition your lashes with oils
Applying oil to your lashes before a good night of rest is a beauty secret as old as the hills, especially castor oil! This is because castor oil is so well known for its effectiveness in enhancing lash growth. Of course, organic is best and we know one which is pretty damn amazing...get it HERE! Or if you are in the US, get it HERE! Apply your lash serum first, then once it has dried, apply your lash oil!
How you remove your eye make-up
When removing mascara, rubbing your eyes can rip the lashes out. Holding your cleansing pad on your lashes for a moment or two allows the mascara to dissolve a lot more easily. Then a gentle downward motion on the lashes should be all you need to remove your make up and keep your lashes there.
A good lash serum is a wonderful thing, however a good serum paired with proper lash care is even better to create eye-catching results!
With all that we’ve covered above, may your lashes get blinking long!
The End (of short lashes)