Our Story

A little about us

And it really is just a little bit…

Simply Naked Beauty wasn’t started with money in mind. It was started as our founder Jaimee Trio faced a problem. As a multi salon owner, Jaimee struggled to find honest and high-quality beauty products to stock in her salon. Through conversation, she noticed other salon owners and managers faced the same problem. It was here that Jaimee decided she’d create her own beauty line - Simply Naked Beauty was born.

Jaimee began researching, formulating and testing a range of honest face, lash and brow products. Jaimee wasn’t launching Simply Naked Beauty until she was confident that each and every single product was ‘perfect’. After four years of intense work, Jaimee brought Simply Naked Beauty to market. The brand grew very quickly and within two years, she was the owner of Amazon’s best selling mascara - 3D Fibre Mascara.

Beauty salon owners and managers from Australia, New Zealand, USA & the UK started asking how they could start stocking Simply Naked Beauty in their salons. They voiced how they previously struggled to find products they were confident to sell to their clients and that Simply Naked Beauty solved this problem. That mission was accomplished, but it led Jaimee to another mission…

Open door policy

We want to keep being better for you! Whether it’s feedback, a suggestion or you need help, we’re here for it!


100% transparent labelling. You have the right to know what’s in the products you use!

Led by nature. Backed by science.

We believe in nature and we believe in science (facts). Meshing both has allowed us to create the products that your skin will love you for.

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