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Simply Naked Beauty Australia

Modular Display Unit (for retailers)

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Custom designed for the space conscious, this modular display unit allows you to display products beautifully, while taking up very little space in your salon.

Whether you choose to stock one or five products, this savvy unit gives you the ability to aesthetically style it as your please. 

Each stand comes loaded with a set of seven clear acrylic blocks to display your product as you please. 

This is literally everything you need to set up a mini retail space, using just 29.7cm of space!

Display Unit Inclusions

  • 1pc/ 297*210*210mm H, white base custom display unit (inc. clear back- insert signage)
  • 1pc/ 55*55*45mm, with D15mm x H: 12mm hole (fits Yes They’re Mine, Nourishing Base Mascara, 3D + 4D Mascara)
  • 2pc/ 50*50*30mm, with D15mm x H: 12mm hole (fits Yes They’re Mine, Nourishing Base Mascara, 3D + 4D Mascara)
  • 1pc/  50*50*35mm, with D 18mm, H 12mm hole (fits My Favourite Mascara)
  • 1pc/ 40*40*20mm,with D9mm, H: 12mm hole (Brow Pencil)
  • 2pc/ 55*55*20mm, without hole (fits bottled serums)

Retailers also receive access to our Retailer Marketing Pack, which contains everything from product descriptions, web ready images, display unit artwork, flyer artwork, social media posts & more.

    Modular Display Unit (for retailers)


    "So easy to use, perfect for the impatient person as you see results so quickly. My isolation saviour!"

    Yes They're Mine - Long Lash Serum

    "I love my Simply Naked Lashes! Works great with contacts and waterproof, too!"

    Lash Science Gold 3D - Fiber Mascara

    "Fantastic! For the first time ever I have lovely long eyelashes!! I really love this product and will definitely be buying again"

    Lash Science 3D - Fiber Mascara

    "This mascara is one of the best. As people get more mature lashes can get lighter or thin out. This product solves all of these problems for me. I have tried MANY types of mascara and lash brushes, even magnetic lashes. This product actually makes me appear as if I've gotten extensions!"

    Lash Science 4D - Fiber Mascara

    "I actually cannot get enough of this stuff! My favourite and i always buy 2 at a time so I always have one ready to go hahaha If you haven't tried it - you NEED to!"

    Hyaluronic Acid