Our Story

If you’re tired of organic make-up and skincare that promise a world of magical experiences but you just end up with a chalky substance smeared all over your face? You’re in good company because that’s how we started too. That’s why we founded Simply Naked Beauty. It came from a long trial and error period of testing different organic make-up and skincare to find the best ingredients for ourselves and you too. We, like you, want products that will be kind to our skin and leave us feeling beautiful, clean and looking a million bucks while still keeping our savings accounts in place. 

If those things are important to you too then you’re in the right place and we’d like to say 


Now that you’re in the Simply Naked Beauty family here’s a few things you can expect from our lineup of makeup and skincare:

  • Easy to use
  • Produces results you want
  • Lasts as long as you do
  • Natural and Organic minerals everywhere possible

Luxurious honest products that help you improve your natural beauty, body, and skin - Naturally as well.

You can be reassured that when you’re using Simply Naked Beauty to enhance your own natural allure you’re using the best possible products we know of. 

How do we know that?

Our founder owns a chain of specialist beauty salons in Australia where literally thousands of women told us their dislikes, likes, loves and must-haves from their makeup and skincare. 

With respect to their answers, we sourced high-quality ingredients and made concoction after concoction testing them all on ourselves, never on animals. Knowing how important the right results are to you and me, we remixed and remixed until we had those EUREKA moments finding just the right ONE. 

When the critical, discerning public verified that we indeed had the RIGHT ONE, that’s when Simply Naked Beauty was truly born.

You want to look and feel gorgeous and that’s what we want for you too, because, quite frankly, we do give a damn. 

So, my dear, we say again...welcome to the Simply Naked Beauty family.