Why do all the guys have longer lashes than me and what to do about it!


Now why is it that men quite often have long, thick, luscious lashes?

After doing a little research, I came to understand this to be due to the body of a man having large amounts of testosterone. This greatly affects the amount of hair he has all over his body, including his eyelashes. It also affects the hair quality, including his eyelashes.

For us ladies, unless you also want to deepen your voice, grow a thick moustache and gain some chest hair, there is a better alternative to testosterone.

If it is thicker, longer lashes you want then the SNB Yes, They’re Mine Eyelash Serum may just become your new best friend.

Eyelashes are mostly made up of a protein called keratin. The remaining 3-10% of an eyelash is water.

This is why proteins in eyelash serums are so important – they pretty much feed your lashes what they need.

The SNB Yes, They’re Mine Eyelash Serum feeds your lashes protein with a blend of different types of peptides.

What are peptides? They are the building blocks of proteins that are actually easier for the body to absorb than proteins. Peptides also nourish and repair lashes.

The serum also contains Avena Sativa which accelerates lash growth and strengthens the lash. Now, the reason why is super duper interesting too…this special ingredient when applied as a serum actually frees up testosterone in a very localised area – on the lash!!! It’s actually quite genius.

The SNB Yes, They’re Mine has been specially formulated without harsh ingredients. In fact, this cheeky family owned brand has the mission of providing beauty products that actually work, without the nasties. Honest products that deliver results, naturally.

Devout followers of SNB will confirm that this product not only gave them longer lashes, it in fact gave them such a noticeably thicker and fuller set to the point that they no longer wanted lash extensions. However, the best bit is that the serum is lash extension safe. That’s right, you read that correctly.  

So you will now have the best of both worlds.


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